Borderlands 2 Won't Launch On My Macbook Pro : Steam For Mac

Posted : admin On 20.04.2019
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  1. Borderlands 2 Won't Launch On My Macbook Pro : Steam For Mac Pro
  2. Borderlands 2 Won't Launch On My Macbook Pro : Steam For Mac Mac

I picked up Borderlands 2 with a metric buttload of DLC from one of those sweet, sweet MGS sales, and I don't even like shooters. I won't be playing it online. I'd be curious to see somebody rate the solo play. Gary Simmons. Mac Pro 09 (now a 5.1, 2 x 3.06GHz Xeon X5675, 24GB, RX580 8GB, 480SSD, 16TB HD, MacOS 10.14. Borderlands 2 System Requirements. Check Pricing. Can I Run Borderlands 2. Borderlands 2 game details. Borderlands 2 is all about the guns. Explosive guns that you can throw at people. Guns with bullets that set enemies on fire. Steam Games Under Five Bucks. Call of Duty Games. Battlefield games. Top Steam Games 2017. Sports games. Why won't steam accept my product activation key? Can i use steam on my moms MacBook Pro? Answered: Can i play this on Ps3 and steam at the same time? Borderlands 2. Borderlands 2 furthers the distinct blending of First Person Shooter and Role Playing genres to create the true evolu.

It started two days ago: i go to the video options menu, choose my native resolution 1920x1080p, saves it, the game looks like it runs on 1080p resolution but on the resolution menu it shows that the resolution is 'undefined'. I don'y know why this happens, but all i know is that this might be the cause to the FPS dips i get lately when looking at certain directions (which started not long ago as well) no matter what resolution, what setting (low-ultra).

I've tried deleting all the.ini files in the game's documents, i've uninstalled it and re-installed it (which of corse had me downloading the game again) and still nothing. Specs: NP9150 7970m i7-3610QM 8GB ram windows 8.1 drivers: 14.7 beta drivers thanks for the help!!! Hahah yeah that was indeed my thread. Found that forum after going mobile. Really helpful (most of the time;) ) anyway, after checking the actual fps using fraps it turns out that the numbers are actually rising- about 10 frames more when turning off some settings (ambient occlusion and FXAA are the ONLY ones that damaged my FPS). However, the difference stays the same: if all on ultra, the FPS go between 60-35.

If all on low (or AO and FXAA are turned off) the FPS goes 70-45 at the exact same areas. A 25 Fps difference no matter what. Altough that sounds a lot, my monitor doesn't support more than 60 fps so that 70 doesn't mean anything.

The resolution, as it seems, doesn't change according to yor actual choices: when lowering to 800x600 for example, it would chage automatically to 1152x864 and the FPS wouldn't get such a big upgrade, still dips below 60 at the same area, even after siginificantly lowering the resolution. Altough we havn't fond a fix yet, i have to thank you for staying with me for so long! Thank yo soo much, it means a lot. I'm not sure if it can help, but have you tried disabling the launcher entirely?

Open the game's properties from the steam library and type in '-nolauncher' without quotes on the launch parameters. Launcher and in-game settings are seen as two entirely different entities; if you changed a setting in-game, for example, it would ask you to save the new settings if you closed the game and reopened it later, actually reverting back to old ones.

As per benchmarks, I could reach 60+ fps on an i5-2500 paired up with an XFX Radeon HD 6870 DD (high settings, low physx, 1080p), and I can reach 150+ fps with my current i5-4670 paired up with an Asus R9 290x DCUII OC (maxed out, low physx, 1080p). I will try with my T4400 and 4570m, but I doubt I'll get anything out of it With a 7970m however, you should come slightly behind my 290x setup, unless there's some serious hardware conflict with the game.

Edit: Meh, not too shabby. A T4400 cpu and an ATI HD 4570m can run it at 2550 fps on lowest settings @800x600, 4x filtering, with high dips in aiming transitions and roughly 4-5 minutes spent loading DLCs (got all except costumes). An i7 bottlenecking a 7970m? Nah, not a chance. I suppose it's just an issue related to mobility Radeon chipsets and their drivers at this point, seen everything you went through with the help of gman450. Wouldn't be the first time I see something like this.

I'm honestly a bit biased about it, but even W8.1 can be considered an issue. That's just me hating the OS anyway, and all its weird background processing made on memory It's a shame you can't solve this, as it's a very nice game to play, and also doesn't make you lose interest too fast.

Borderlands 2 Won't Launch On My Macbook Pro : Steam For Mac Pro

This started happening right after you installed the dlc huh? It might not solve the issue, but if you haven't done so already, I'd verify the game files. Could be something didn't actually get downloaded and installed correctly. Although I highly doubt this would give you such a huge dip in fps, it's worth a try.

Right click your game in the steam library, select properties, select the local files tab and look for something like 'verify game cache integrity'. This also took me a while to recall, but most discrete AMD mobile GPUs feature an horrible thing called 'Enduro technology'. Simply put, it decides literally on the fly which GPU has to run the current app, even if the app is running already, to save energy. This obviously goes to the expense of your hardware. If you can (since you can't on some laptops), try disabling Enduro, and also force the CCC to run the game with the 7970m if you haven't done so already.

The thing is this: a long time ago, (about 3 weeks) my laptop started doing me trouble. After a long (,long loooong) troubleshooting i found out it was a problem my AC adapter was causing: it was slightly torn, and it downclocked my GPU.

I ordered a new adapter from the internet but the shipping was very long so i played some of my games on my dad's laptop ( acer v5 with an i5-4500u and an intel 4400). I had to lower the resolution and settings of course, but i've managed to play borderlands 2 (including the DLC) on 60 FPS on the lowest settings and on a very low res (can't remember which one). The minute i got my new adapter, and started playing on MY laptop (7970m, i7-3610QM) it started happening. I've put borderlands 2 on high performance on the CCC and that means the 7970m will run it.

Borderlands 2 Won

I verified the integrity of cache: 'one failed file was found and will be accired'- changed nothing. I recall having an option into either the BIOS or the CCC on a friend's laptop, but it was an old model right after Enduro technology was released the first time. If you don't have such an option, things are going to be a bit annoying, as your only option is downgrading to the most recent driver not supporting it. That's only possible if your laptop manufacturer isn't locking out driver updates, as some lock you to update any driver only through their website.

Borderlands 2 Won't Launch On My Macbook Pro : Steam For Mac Mac

You need to check first if you can actually install any driver freely, otherwise you're pretty much locked in having it enabled.